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Roswitha Herman is a coach for millennial women who want to have it all, feel successful and live their purpose. She helps women be happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled on her website She also wrote a book called “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed" for everyone who wants to find their purpose in life. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

The No. 1 Reason Why People Fail

2017-06-26T11:08:16+00:00 By |Fulfilled|

Let's start with "What do YOU think is the no. 1 reason why people fail?" (reply in the comment section, I am really curious to know) Today I had a totally different topic in mind to write about, but yesterday's story changed it all. You see, yesterday I noticed in a very plastic way, why [...]

Why Is It So Hard To Stop Impulse Buying? What To Do.

2017-09-29T13:55:23+00:00 By |Happy|

Have you heard about impulse buying? You might read a lot of articles and watch many people talk about impulsive eating, emotional eating, getting fat because you are lonely and sad. But not enough talk about impulse buying. You see, impulse buying is exactly like impulsive eating. Only that instead of getting fat or [...]