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Roswitha Herman is a coach for millennial women who want to have it all, feel successful and live their purpose. She helps women be happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled on her website She also wrote a book called “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed" for everyone who wants to find their purpose in life. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

What should you eat for breakfast? – #AskYourCoach

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Who can tell what should you eat for breakfast? It's a complex question and it deserves an elaborate answer. Find out my opinion!

The 5 Love Languages & How They Can Change Your Life – #AskYourCoach

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"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is not just any book. There are many lessons that I personally learned from it and I want to share them with you.

How And When To Eat Fruits? – #AskYourCoach

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Everybody knows they should be eating their fruits, or at least, some fruit every day. What people do not know is how and when to eat fruits in order to get all the benefits.

How To Plan An Amazing New Year – #AskYourCoach

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Are you ready for a New Year? What do you wish for? Learn how to plan an amazing new year with these exercises in the #askyourcoach video.

How To Deal With The Holidays And Not Get Sick, Fat Or Guilty? – #AskYourCoach

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If you want to know how to deal with the holidays and stay healthy, happy and eat everything that you want, you should see this video! Enjoy!

Tips On How To Overcome Loneliness – #AskYourCoach

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Are you eating, drinking or smoking when you feel lonely? Cause if you do, then you might want to do something about it. Learn how to overcome loneliness!

How Can You Make Healthy Eating a Family Affair? – #AskYourCoach

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A new video is here and now it's about how you can help your family with their healthy eating. Hint: it is easier than you think! Find out now.

3 Tips & Tricks To Help You Finish Your To Do List. Everyday! – #AskYourCoach

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get so many things done? See my first video from #AskYourCoach video series and use these 3 to do list tips.

A Blueprint On Setting and Achieving Goals Long Before You Are Ready

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Setting and achieving goals is not easy, it does not matter the goal, whether you want start a business, to start exercise, to start being gluten free, to start being sugar free or just to start meditating. Whatever your goal might be, you always hit a wall before starting to accomplish it. The wall represents our [...]

What Is Gluten Sensitivity

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Almost everywhere you turn to, you see plenty of 'gluten free' signs: on food labels, on restaurant menu's, on TV, in the magazines, it is like the new health trend. But people still do not really understand what it means and if they should pay attention to it or not. What is gluten sensitivity really [...]