How Paying Off Your Debt Is The Best ROI (Return On Investment)

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Do you have debt? How does paying off your debt sound to you? Did you ever think of it as an investment? Does debt make you cringe when you think about it? Does it weigh on you? I know how you feel! I took my first big loan when before I turned 23. It was [...]

The No. 1 Reason Why People Fail

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Let's start with "What do YOU think is the no. 1 reason why people fail?" (reply in the comment section, I am really curious to know) Today I had a totally different topic in mind to write about, but yesterday's story changed it all. You see, yesterday I noticed in a very plastic way, why [...]

Win One Month of Coaching: Celebrating 2 Years Of

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It was 12th of April 2015, Easter day. I was at my parent's house, on their couch in the living room, working my butt off to finish the 3rd article I wanted to have when I was about to hit PUBLISH on Everyone was enjoying the holiday, eating, watching TV, going for walks and [...]

$4249 GIVEAWAY: How I Became An Amazon Best Selling Author

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I had the craziest last few days when my whole world turned upside down, but this time I F-ing loved every single minute of it. It all starts with Saturday when I realized I was an Amazon Best Selling Author since day 1. You see, I did not know the rules of the game. I [...]

How Being A Control Freak Might Kill Your Sexiness

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Are you a control freak? Do you like to plan every single detail? I totally get you - my friends used to call me Monica - from the show FRIENDS. I used to control every single aspect of my life and the lives of the ones around me. When people did not act how I [...]

Podcast Interview: If You Start Something, You Don’t Need To Do It Forever

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This week, instead of my normal video that I would share, I wanted to share a podcast the Unlimited Influence Podcast, of the one and only Samantha Riley. She interviewed me a few weeks ago and she published it this week and I wanted you guys to be the first to listen to it. I actually [...]

Can You Manifest Success Without Doing Anything? (you won’t believe this)

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To answer this question, I will have, to be honest, and say NO. Everything comes from doing something. You cannot manifest success out of thin air. The confusion lies between: “I need to work hard to be successful” and “I can do nothing and trust in the law of attraction and I will be successful” Both statements [...]

Do You Really Need To Win The Lottery To Get What You Want?

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What do you want? => ... (take a second to answer it right now!) Is it really to win the lottery and nothing else? Ok, now what do you REALLY WANT? => ... (I can wait, think about it...)I am sure that what you want is security, stability, food on the table, freedom of being able [...]

Do You Need To Deserve It? Are You Being Worthy?

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People in general, but especially women, have this need of being worthy. To better explain this, I will tell you a story with a client of mine. *** We were working together to help her free more time in her busy schedule. She wanted to exercise, have time to eat better and cook and of course [...]

Why Publishing My Book Was A Complete Failure

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You can still get my book for FREE (until January 28th)- click here! Do you like failing publicly? I bet not. Neither do I. But sometimes, it happens. So, what do you do about it? I made this Facebook Live yesterday because I wanted to talk openly about this whole book project and how it [...]