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Why New Year’s Eve Resolutions Don’t Work – #AskYourCoach

2017-06-26T11:08:18+00:00 By |#AskYourCoach, Career, Nutrition, Self Care|

Welcome back to #AskYourCoach - Why New Year's Eve Resolutions Don't Work. It’s me again, Roswitha - your coach at the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! *** Me: How was your year? Are your 2016 resolutions coming to life? Client: Ohhh, yeah, well ... I did not make any resolutions this [...]

How July Shaped My Whole Life

2017-06-26T11:08:19+00:00 By |Self Care|

I usually share personal stuff only in my newsletters or in my Successful Women Facebook group. The reason is that I like keeping some things private and only share them with my tribe, as a plus for being with me, week after week. I noticed that when I am vulnerable, other people tend to open [...]