What exactly does Nutrition mean for me?!

Gluten-Free it’s no “fit-for-all” diet!

Go for a test drive with my 14-days meal plan designed to keep you off gluten and offer you [more] delicious alternatives!

Being gluten free is not so hard, in fact it is more creative and a lot healthier! We are so used to eating bread, pastry, cake, biscuits, sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes etc … that we forget what other cereals besides wheat are out there. For this reason, being gluten free is like being on an amazing diet, full of diversity, new vitamins and amino acids, new flavors and new recipes.


All the information you need to take control of what you EAT!


Eating should be fun, easy and full of love! 

812, 2016

Healthy Eating Rules – A Personal Story – #AskYourCoach

Welcome back to #AskYourCoach - Healthy Eating Rules - A Personal Story + The Solution. It’s me again, Roswitha - your coach at wellfitsyou.com the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! There are so many healthy eating rules out there and strict diets that it's hard to know [...]

2711, 2016

Why New Year’s Eve Resolutions Don’t Work – #AskYourCoach

Welcome back to #AskYourCoach - Why New Year's Eve Resolutions Don't Work. It’s me again, Roswitha - your coach at wellfitsyou.com the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! *** Me: How was your year? Are your 2016 resolutions coming to life? Client: Ohhh, yeah, well ... I did [...]

1006, 2016

How To Appreciate Our Body – Interview With Karolina Chesters

I LOVE interviews. You never know who you will meet and what a wonderful soul might be on the other end of your Skype Call. This interview was no exception. I had my questions all planned out and surprisingly enough, meeting Karolina and seeing her so fired up about "how [...]

302, 2016

How To Have A Balanced Breakfast – #AskYourCoach

Do you know how you can have a balanced breakfast? Eat everything you want but make it healthy? I have some ideas in mind!

2701, 2016

Do You Suffer From Orthorexia Nervosa? – #AskYourCoach

Once again, talking about what should you eat for breakfast. This time, our focus is on perfectionists, those suffering from Orthorexia Nervosa!

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