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Roswitha Herman is a coach for millennial women who want to have it all, feel successful and live their purpose. She helps women be happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled on her website She also wrote a book called “Young, Creative & Overwhelmed" for everyone who wants to find their purpose in life. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

How July Shaped My Whole Life

By |Self Care|

I usually share personal stuff only in my newsletters or in my Successful Women Facebook group. The reason is that I like keeping some things private and only share them with my tribe, as a plus for being with me, week after week. I noticed that when I am vulnerable, other people tend to open [...]

How To Appreciate Our Body – Interview With Karolina Chesters

By |Nutrition, Self Care|

I LOVE interviews. You never know who you will meet and what a wonderful soul might be on the other end of your Skype Call. This interview was no exception. I had my questions all planned out and surprisingly enough, meeting Karolina and seeing her so fired up about "how to appreciate our body" topic, [...]

Get Clarity Through Action – Interview With Julia Wells

By |Career|

If you thought that clarity comes ONLY through writing, meditating, you might change your mind! Get clarity through action!

How To Release Fear – Interview With Olga Bochareva

By |Career, Self Care|

This week I interviewed Olga Bochareva in order to find out more about how to release fear. She is all about tapping or EFT. You will love how easy it is!

Natural Birth Control Myths – Interview With Hannah Ransom

By |Career, Self Care|

How many natural birth control myths do you know? Let's talk business with Hannah Ransom, a fertility awareness educator!

Running a Business From Home – Interview With Megan Schopieray

By |Career|

I know many people wonder what is it like to be running a business from home. I was told that because my business is completely online, I must have a glamorous lifestyle and work from my bed and that probably my life is so much easier. Truth be told, there are many advantages of working [...]

Pearls of Wisdom: Rachel Collins Talking About Importance of Self Love

By |Career, Self Care|

I am interviewing Rachel Collins to discuss the importance of self love and how you can build an online business as a coach and a mother.

How to make the RIGHT Decision? – #AskYourCoach

By |#AskYourCoach, Career|

When times are difficult, do you know how to make the right decision? What do you do? How do you make sure? You might want to know my secret!

How To Have A Balanced Breakfast – #AskYourCoach

By |#AskYourCoach, Nutrition|

Do you know how you can have a balanced breakfast? Eat everything you want but make it healthy? I have some ideas in mind!

Do You Suffer From Orthorexia Nervosa? – #AskYourCoach

By |#AskYourCoach, Nutrition|

Once again, talking about what should you eat for breakfast. This time, our focus is on perfectionists, those suffering from Orthorexia Nervosa!