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In the past 2 weeks, I kept on talking about “What should you eat for breakfast?” – If you have not seen the last videos yet, you might want to check them out, click on each photo and it will direct you to the videos.


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In today’s ASK YOUR COACH video I will continue the discussion with the third and last category of people when it comes to what their breakfast. They are the ones that can lead a balanced breakfast.

As I stated in last week’s video, to make it easier to understand, I will talk about the 3 main types of people when it comes to what their breakfast in-tale. First group was the one that DOES NOT EAT BREAKFAST, just a cup of coffee. The second group is the one that IS OBSESSED with eating only the right things in the right combination – if any of these ring a bell, you got to check them out! If not, keep on watching.

How To Have A Balanced Breakfast

The third group of people are the ones who do not care so much about what they eat. They do EAT breakfast, but have a different one every day. It might be toast with butter and honey, a cup of milk with cereals, smoothies, boiled egg with avocado, nuts, muffins, pancakes….the list continues. But they can easily incorporate a balanced breakfast!

What is good about this category of people?

  • they eat something in the morning
  • they stress less about what is on their plate
  • they have a diversified breakfast

What might be controversial about this category of people?

  • eating food that is genetically modified and food that is full of hormones or food that is full of preservatives and antibiotics will take its toll after a while. If you look at the issues the US is facing with their diseases and obesity you really see the big impact eating bad food had on the whole country.
  • disease does not happen overnight and it has a lot to do with what you think and what you eat. Food and thought can change the chemistry in your body, producing imbalance which in time produces all sorts of diseases. Now, if we are to look at US, most of the people when it comes to health issues are having troubles regarding their heart condition, diabetes, obesity, and a lot of autoimmune diseases. How do you think these come to life?

I won’t focus in this talk so much on the thinking process, but more on food. I don’t want to get too deep into the subject, but I feel that is my duty to shed some light over some controversial diseases and how they can take form.

Diabetes is created because the body gets too much sugar and fructose and it becomes insulin resistant. This is a condition in which the body produces insulin but does not use it effectively. When people have insulin resistance, glucose builds up in the blood instead of being absorbed by the cells, leading to type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. (Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes)

Heart problems happen most to people who have insulin resistance, which ends up creating the bad cholesterol which starts clogging the arteries. This happens due to bad fats, like trans fats and also sugar and fructose. (Eating too much-added sugar increases the risk of dying with heart disease)

Obesity happens not because of eating too much fat, but mainly because of eating too much fructose, sugar and later the bad fats, the trans fat. (What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?)

Autoimmune diseases manifest due to eating GMOs, too many preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, which all change the normal chemical process in the body and create things we do not know how to control. Eating modified wheat that you find in all white products: bread, pasta, pastry, or eating modified high-fructose corn syrup, which is way worse than sugar and unfortunately which is find in almost every packaged good in US, will get you closer to developing autoimmune diseases. (Why are there so many allergies now?)

I skipped mentioning cancer because I strongly believe that cancer is more connected with thought and emotions rather than actual food, but nonetheless they are linked. (How emotions may contribute to cancer)

I went very quickly through each big scary disease because I just want to raise awareness about them, you can make your own research and see how what you are eating influence each problem.

what should you eat for breakfast-cereals - balanced breakfast

So, if you are one of those who eat without checking the label, I recommend:

  • Instead of white flour, buy things that are made from whole wheat. If you already eat whole wheat and want to experiment, start being gluten free for a week and notice how you feel, you might be gluten sensitive and not knowing it. Read What Is Gluten Sensitivity.

  • Check for high-fructose corn syrup on your food labels and stop buying those products. The safest way would be to buy products that have up to 5 ingredients.

  • Start looking for natural sweeteners that are not so processed. Instead of sugar, try honey or maple syrup. Something that exists in nature, not made by man. And something that is produced locally where you live. There is no point in eating maple syrup if you have no maples in your country, maybe honey is something that exists normally. Eat local.

Here are some examples of how you can turn your daily breakfast into a healthier option:

Do you love toast with jelly or peanut butter and jelly and want to know how you can make it healthier?

what should you eat for breakfast-peanut-butter - balanced breakfast

Well, you buy/make whole wheat bread or my favorite, rye bread with seeds. Then you buy 100% peanut butter, without any oil added, salt or sugar. (it does not have to be organic because peanuts have a shell, less contamination) but to be GMO-free, as well as the bread.

Third, you want to either eat it with honey instead of jelly, or buy jelly that has real fruits in it and hopefully less sugar and maximum 5 ingredients. Sometimes, I crave jelly and then I get it from my mom, who adds fruits from our garden, a bit of sugar and water.

What about if you want to eat healthy muffins or pancakes?

what should you eat for breakfast-pancakes - balanced breakfast

Again, finding healthier alternatives is not so hard, make sure you have whole wheat or a different type of flower that is gluten free, get good eggs (not the white ones, but the brown ones) and add honey instead of sugar. There are tons of recipes online and pretty sure plenty of places that make healthy alternatives to muffins or pancakes. NOT perfectly healthy, but way healthier!

There is an improvement you can do to any type of breakfast if you want to eat everything that you crave and also stay healthy. As long as you EAT SOMETHING (and not just coffee and a white bagel) and are not obsessed with being PERFECT, you will do fine. I hope you can now start a balanced breakfast easily!

Our body needs energy and in the morning is the best time to fuel your body with things that take a while to digest and will provide energy for many hours. Coffee is like a ghost, you know it does not exist because you put no food in your mouth, BUT you kind of feel it, meaning YOU ARE NOT HUNGRY. But, not feeling hungry comes from the fact that your insulin level is up thanks to the caffeine. If you add some white pastry to the table, you get more insulin and you feel full, you have energy, but your body does not receive the vitamins and minerals that it needs so much. In time, you will start having deficiencies.

But if you are obsessed with what you eat, that will also damage your emotional life, you will be in constant fear and anxiety, which will lead to disease. You become what you think about most of the time. If you are scared you might get cancer if you eat something that might not be 100% organic, guess what? You might get cancer because that’s all you think about.

Go for balance, eat what you body is telling you to eat, but teach it to look for healthier alternatives. Take the sugar out, add some good honey, let go of the white flour products and start eating whole wheat or trying other flour without gluten. If you crave animal protein, eat some – but find a good source for it. Don’t feel guilty for craving, most of the time you are craving minerals and vitamins and the mental picture that you get with the crave, is the only way out body knows to signal what it’s missing. If you teach the body to eat healthier, when you will need minerals, you will be craving greens instead of crunchy salty chips.

So, now it’s your turn, what are you going to have for breakfast from now on?

what should you eat for breakfast- balanced breakfast

Next week, I will talk about a totally different topic, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to visit the Blog section if you want to know more about health. And if you need advice and you want to talk to somebody, I have free sessions at, let’s schedule one today 🙂

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Eat a healthy breakfast and have energy all day long,

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