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Who is Roswitha?

I am a 20 something-year-old girl, that graduated power engineering first in her class while blogging about fashion & beauty and traveling the world, doing voluntary work.

During my 3rd year in college I realized working as an engineer IS NOT MY DREAM and that I want to have MY OWN BUSINESS. (I wanted freedom, work on my own terms, make how much money I want)

I did not know anything else, but BLOGGING. (besides all the crazy math) I knew my only option to start a business would be to do what I already know and like. So, I have spent my last year of college learning how to make money out of fashion and beauty blogging. (My Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog has become a magazine over the years and you can find it at www.estilo-tendances.com)

I don’t believe that you can be crazy enough to believe you can start your own business while in college, WITHOUT working on your mindset and blocks. Me and my boyfriend at the time (future husband soon) started reading self-development books, hiring mentors and working with coaches. That was when I realized “Wait, I would love to be a coach. They help people, set their own hours and prices. I could still blog and use my voice for more good.

The summer after graduating, I read a pamphlet for becoming a Health Coach and I felt it spoke to me. (Yes, it’s the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, world’s largest school of it’s kind) So, I enrolled to be a coach. Biggest decision of my life until then. I took a loan of $6,500 without having a job and while working on building my blogging business.

Was I completely crazy? Oh yes!

Professors, colleagues, friends and even family were thinking I was wasting my future. They could not understand what blogging is, not to mention coaching. Who would hire a 20 something coach? Why not continue with your engineer career? – it’s SAFE! (There was a long list)

You see, I wanted to be fulfilled, I wanted to be free, I wanted to do something I loved and that had a big impact in the world, I wanted to teach, I wanted to help other people directly, I wanted to be independent financially, I wanted to be healthy and happy…

Did it all work out for me?

I am here, am I not?! Yes, it did!

First year was the hardest, a lot of struggling, of not having money to pay rent at times, of paying my own salary, of investing in more courses (like B-school by Marie Forleo or Money Bootcamp by Denise DT from Luckybitch.com) and therapy. (a lot of fears to work on and clear)

Once I started to be clear on certain aspects, things started to get easier.

I love NUTRITION, but after my first year as a Health Coach, I realized nutrition is not just food, but everything we feed our mind, soul, heart and stomach.

Also, being a woman in business, a young woman in business, I realized how hard it was for me to feel successful and to get to do what I really WANTED. My generation is a generation of creative people that can do MANY THINGS (I love fashion, beauty, coaching, writing, reading, math, physics, science, traveling, being free…) but don’t know how to mix them up in order to have a PERFECT JOB.

It took me a few years to figure it out and now I want to pass the torch.

My purpose is to make as many women Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Fulfilled. (If all goes well, I should have 80 more years to go)

What am I doing to making it happen?

  • I created this website, my coaching website, where I teach what I believe in
  • I am wrote a book, called Young, Creative & Overwhelmed, which became a BEST SELLING BOOK. It’s a major dream come true. Buy it HERE! 
  • I am interviewing amazing successful women to show you different ways of being successful
  • I started a FREE online group, where we do all sorts of fun stuff. Click Here to JOIN!
  • I coach you step by step until you have CLARITY and then we work together to make your dreams a reality. How I did with mines and still do…I dream a new dream every night -haha.
  • Soon more things, like a course, a retreat and speaking engagements.

My Philosophy In Life


             The WHY Behind My Business

I was so frustrated by the fact that my whole life all I could hear was:

  • you cannot have it all, stop trying”
  • you can either be rich, or be happy – you cannot have them both”
  • you are not a superwoman – your dreams are too big”
  • career or family – you need to choose, you cannot have both”
  • you are too young to be a coach, or be a business woman”

… the list is endless. My stubbornness to prove everyone wrong got me to where I am today.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Fulfilled is not a pipe dream – it is a reality!

I am living proof and I can help you be the same!

READY? Let me show you how – FREE

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Me

I love to CLEAN – 98%
Can eat a lot of Salty Melted Cheese – 84%
Animation Movies are the BEST – 66%
Never Follow the Recipe, always creating something new – 88%
Sex and the City – 76%
Love planning birthday parties and gifts – 99%

Like everyone else, I have a lot of quirks, passions, hobbies, guilty pleasures, hidden talents or secret obsessions and I thought it would be fun sharing some with you. For example, cleaning is therapy for me. Whenever I am angry or frustrated, I clean – cleaning the exterior is helping me clean the interior (my thoughts, my fears, my actions). I love Harry Potter (I read the books when I was a child and loved them), Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit (only saw the movies, but I also want to read the books), watching FRIENDS (the TV Series) when eating (It is not healthy to watch something when eating, but we are talking about guilty pleasures here). My favorite Friday Night activity is watching a movie in bed, with my boyfriend.

What Do People Say About Me

I asked 25 people to tell me what they think my ‘3 BEST QUALITIES‘ are and I got 24 different answers. It was a very useful exercise and I dare you to do it as well! They also mentioned: ambitious, organized, self-motivated, dedicated, hard-working, fearless, teachable, great leader


The Mentors That Shaped My Business

Marie Forleo

The course that changed my life: B-school. Get weekly inspiration from Marie TV. – this is for committed business women!

Kate McKibbin

My first blogging course: Bloggers MBA. Get her blog Tip every Tuesday – for beginner bloggers/online entrepreneurs!

Denise Duffield-Thomas

My favorite lucky bee! Helped me attract abundance and shift my money mindset through her books! I loved her Money Bootcamp!
I really want to help you too – click here to meet me live!