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Don’t you LOVE Free Stuff?

You might live your life thinking that you will never hit your dream goal (it might be a money goal or an asset goal) because you never got what you wished for.

If this is true, think again!

I bet there is abundance surrounding you and you do not see it! You might think you are entitled to some things and forget to be grateful for them.

Every time you get something for free, or crazy discounts, or you find money on the street, or get helped by strangers, think about it and give thanks for it!

For some of the freebies bellow, I have worked months, for others only days, but it still cost me time, creativity, engagement and money

I choose to give it to you for FREE because I want to show you that ABUNDANCE does exist.

The first steps in having more of what you wish for are to be grateful for what you already have and to provide wealth for others through your gifts, services, etc.

Who do you really want to be?!

Get the first 3 chapters of my Best Selling book,Young, Creative & Overwhelmed. It’s free and it’s for you!

All of us are powerful, but we’re told we need to confine that power into a small box. We’re told to follow the rules, we’re told to do what others do and play it safe. This book is here to shutter the boxes and let all the powerful women be, do and have what they deserve. Unapologetically.

This book is for YOU if you want to:

  • get clear about YOUR desires (not what the society, parents, friends, partners want from you)
  • find YOUR why (your why is the fire that will keep burning until your desires are accomplished)
  • figuring out what stops you from achieving what you want (limitations, self-sabotages)
  • learn how to love yourself more
  • learn how to focus (this book teaches the INaction concept)

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