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Do you like failing publicly?

I bet not. Neither do I. But sometimes, it happens. So, what do you do about it?

I made this Facebook Live yesterday because I wanted to talk openly about this whole book project and how it came about. I already got 351 people downloading the free version and I wanted to be honest about how I got to create it and what I’ve experienced.

Why Publishing My Book Was A Complete Failure

I am going to keep it short in here because I really want you to watch the video.

Main things that I share:

  • How I wrote 100 pages of a different book and how my bestie told me it completely sucks
  • How I took a break from writing of almost 2 months and missed my first publishing deadline
  • How I started to do research and see if my second idea of the book would actually WORK (hint: it did, I turned it into the book it is today)
  • How I missed my second and third publishing deadline
  • How I missed my fourth publishing deadline because the design was not accepted by Amazon, after a whole month of working with my editor on it
  • How I finally made it – published the book – met my fifth goal of publishing it…and how it was a complete failure
  • What I learned from shame

You see, if you only look at the facts I shared before today, you might think “OMG, she is so awesome, she is 25 years old, published her first book, got 351 people to read it”. But now, you know how many times I FAILED until this book got to be the one it is today.

It’s such a different picture if you only track the results and not the process. Yes, results are IMPORTANT. But there is nothing compared to the JOURNEY.

For my next book, I’ll know exactly how to start, how to set realistic publishing goals, how to edit it…and still, I might fail again. There is no “failure-proof” strategy. Either in life or in business. There is ALWAYS a chance of something failing. And that is OKAY.

Some people will always judge (hint: is never about you!) and other people will always understand (hint: because they love you!).

If you liked this video, please share it with ONE PERSON who needs to hear this story. Failing is not bad unless we are ashamed of it and we hide it under the covers.

I love you,


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