What do you want? => … (take a second to answer it right now!) Is it really to win the lottery and nothing else?

Ok, now what do you REALLY WANT? => … (I can wait, think about it…)I am sure that what you want is security, stability, food on the table, freedom of being able to travel when and where you want. Freedom of being able to buy what you want when you want it. Am I right?And I am sure you believe this is only possible with having more money. (which it is! You’ve got this sister!)

Find out in the video below how you can make more money without having to win the lottery!

Why do you think the only way, to make money to buy everything you want, is to win the lottery?

Do you know the minimum amount of money researchers believe is needed in order for a person to feel happy on a daily basis? It’s around $10,000/month for the US market, for one person. It is believed that once the basic needs are met easily: shelter, food, transportation, and joy providing activities, achieving happiness on a daily basis is a no-brainer.

Imagine how would you feel if you made $10,000 per month?

Where would you live? What would you eat? Where would you travel?

 Of course for other countries, they might be making way less than $10,000/month and still be able to benefit from the same level of happiness. It all depends on expenses and cost of living in each particular country. Where I am from, Romania, I am sure the equivalent of $10,000 can start somewhere around 7500 lei (less than $2,000). 

Why is it that you can only believe money could come from the lottery, something you cannot control, rather than you, someone you can control?

Why is it so impossible?

You won’t really like the answer to this question. Because it involves you. It involves personal responsibility, it involves personal commitment, and it involves failure. What if you do try and you fail? What if you put all in and it does not come true? 

Do you know why the fear of public speaking is number one, and not the fear of dying? Because dying happens TO YOU, as speaking happens because you do it

If you do NOT want to live a poor and unfulfilled life, start taking ownership of your life. 

What can you do right now?

  • What are your daily money making activities? List them or create them!
  • How can you do them better? What can you change in your daily ritual to make these actions a priority or to do them better or to do them at all?
  • Why do you want more money? Have clear goals! Is it to travel more? Is it to buy a house? Is it to have more free time? -> Every time you are working on your money making activities think of your WHY.


Do You Really Need To Win The Lottery To Get What You Want? - quote by Roswitha Herman

Now, I’d love to know.

Which of the steps above you are you already doing? How do you commit to feeling worthy? Is there a special trick that you use and you would like to share it with me and my community? Aaaaaaaand what is one thing that you commit to doing this week – if you know you are deserving and want to start feeling worthy?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much as you can in your reply. We are all here to learn, get inspired from one another, and you may never know who you are going to influence today. Be the sparkle you want to see in others.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your voice. You are awesome and I am honored to have you here.

With love,


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