Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get so many things done? How come we all have 24h in a day, but some seem to move mountains while others just pass through life?

Gorgeous, you can do it too! You do not need a new set of skills or a brain implant (I have just seen Friends again, that episode where Joey gets to play in The Days Of Our Lives after having a brain implant), all you need are a few tips and tricks to add to your daily routine.

Since I want to be able to interact more with you, I decided to face my own fears and start my first video series, called #AskYourCoach. Through this series, I will try my best to answer all of your questions related to health, career, self-love and all sort of struggles you might have.

For the first question, I asked my very good friend to tell me one of her present struggles and she said:

You know what is really hard for me at the moment? Getting all the things on my to do list DONE. How do you do it?

What I have learned throughout the years are these 3 to do list tips that keep me going and help me accomplish everything that I set my mind to do.

What are my 3 To Do List Tips?

  • Write Them Down

Sounds easy, but seriously, when you write down all the things that go through your mind like

“I need to do some laundry, or I need to finish my new blog post, I need to go to the gym…”

If you write it down you can keep track of it, otherwise you might forget about it and remember it when you are in bed – it happens to me sometimes. 

  • Add a Time Frame To Each Thing On Your List

I know you can do it all, but you need to be realistic, how much time would it take for you to do them all? Is it possible to do it in one day?

I still remember the times I added so many tasks that my day would have 17h work only – it’s crazy! And I am sure you are doing it too, no wonder you cannot finish everything.

As you saw in my video, I write a timeframe next to each of my tasks (I like to use a different pen color, green in my case) and then I do the math to see if it possible to get them all done in an 8-10 work day. If not, I will cut some tasks and add them for the next day. You need to prioritize and make sure the most important tasks get done first.

This is why I love my planner and why I created it the way I did. Every day you have a special column where you add your most important task of the day and you have your To Do List section to write all the things that go through your mind.

If you like it, here is the link where you can get your copy.

Plan Your Lifestyle Diary- to do list tips

  • Record Your Time

Take your phone and set alarms for each time frame you need. For example, if I allow 30 min to check emails, I will set an alarm for 30 min and try to get done as many things in those 30 min. If, however, my time expires, I do not hit snooze (although I used to – I know, who was I kidding?) but I stop and set a new alarm for my next task. If I get to finish my next task faster, then I can spend the extra time writing more emails.

These are my 3 to do list tips for accomplishing all your tasks, every day!

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