I LOVE interviews. You never know who you will meet and what a wonderful soul might be on the other end of your Skype Call. This interview was no exception. I had my questions all planned out and surprisingly enough, meeting Karolina and seeing her so fired up about “how to appreciate our body” topic, made me change the whole course of the interview.

Our conversation was a very honest, truthful and friendly one, we share the same values and it was like talking to an alter ego of mine. I am really grateful for this opportunity!

Meet Karolina Chesters, a mind and body transformational coach for women who is the owner of Body Vibe.

This topic of our interview is very powerful and very important to me. I was always obsessed with being skinny, dieting and NOT exercising and since I started my journey as a health coach, I was kind of forced to learn to love myself, love my body, accept my body and appreciate everything that I am.

As a perfectionist, this WAS NOT EASY.

But it’s never impossible. In this interview, most of the questions I ask Karolina are related to my personal curiosity, because she is really good at teaching women about fitness, exercising and of course self-love.

How To Appreciate Our body – Interview With Karolina Chesters

There were several interesting points that we covered in this interview on how to appreciate our body:

  • From personal trainer to body building model to being left with a broken body and emotional eating
  • How To Appreciate Our body - Interview With Karolina Chesters-more than restricting

  • How being happy, eating everything you want can lead to weight loss
  • How what you think in your head will be manifested in your body.
  • How To Appreciate Our body - Interview With Karolina Chesters-body

  • How to motivate yourself to exercise and be consistent?
  • How To Appreciate Our body - Interview With Karolina Chesters-movement

  • How much should we exercise?
  • The explanation behind “Sometimes we treat our dogs better than ourselves
  • Blocks, fears and limiting beliefs
  • How To Appreciate Our body - Interview With Karolina Chesterslimiting belief

  • What is your advice for women who want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled?

How To Appreciate Our body - Interview With Karolina Chesters-business

Do you want to know WHY dieting and exercising ALONE are not the answer to losing weight and keeping it off?

If the answer is a “Hell, YES!” you should get Karolina’s blueprint called “The Lighten Up” and learn a new way of doing things without struggling, restriction, and deprivation.

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Next week, I will talk about a totally different topic, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to visit the Blog section if you want to know more about health, career and self-love.

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