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Coach and Amazon Best Selling author for millennial women who want to redefine what SUCCESS means (hint => being happy, healthy, wealthy & fulfilled) and live a BALANCED life.

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Who Do You Really Want to Be?

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All of us are powerful, but we’re told we need to confine that power into a small box. We’re told to follow the rules, we’re told to do what others do and play it safe. This book is here to shutter the boxes and let all the powerful women be, do and have what they deserve. Unapologetically.

This book is for YOU if you want to:

  • get clear about YOUR desires (not what the society, parents, friends, partners want from you)

  • find YOUR why (your why is the fire that will keep burning until your desires are accomplished)

  • figuring out what stops you from achieving what you want (limitations, self-sabotages)

  • learn how to love yourself more

  • learn how to focus (this book teaches the INaction concept)

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I’m curious, is THIS how you feel?

  • Are you approaching burnout or are already burned out?
  • Do you want to stop running and rushing everything?
  • Do you dream of being able to relax and not worry so much? 
  • Do you have way too many priorities and feel overwehelmed?
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Oh, hell yes! I’ve been a coaching women just like you, for years. Feeling this way is much more common than you might think. You are not alone. Being happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled starts with these topics:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Spirituality
  • Nutrition
This is totally for you if you want to:

  • Have better relationships with your family, friends, coworkers, spouse
  • Go happily to work every day, because you love your job and you are excited about your career
  • Be active, exercise more, go for a walk or for a run
  • Develop yourself, change your money mindset, learn how to meditate and love yourself more
  • Be healthy, happy, wealthy and fulfilled

If you are reading this, you are here for a reason! I believe I am here to help you. Every week, I set one day aside for free coaching. This is my pay-it-forward service. No pitching, no strings attached, just me helping you.

Are you in? Let’s hop on Skype and meet over a cup of tea. (click here to schedule a session)

It all depends (again) on what you really want and need. There is something for each budget. (more info you get in the WORK WITH ME section)

What Do I Stand For in This World

Right To Education

In an era of technology and knowledge, we lack in education. Although most of us had the right to go to school (even if it was not the best school) and learn how to read and write, there are still lots of people in this world who don’t get this chance. There are many things to improve about the current school system, but I want to start by making an impact and help those who have no chance to study at all. Poverty and illness end with education.

Local Farming

As an integrative health coach, I believe that by learning how to plant seeds, grow our veggies, eat fresh fruits, cook real food, not only we are becoming more aware of our surroundings, but also a lot healthier and happier. I want to see people bragging about buying local foods, being proud of owning a small garden, cooking real nutritious food with no pesticides and chemicals added. You vote 3 times a day, with your fork, knife and spoon – be careful to whom you give your votes to.

Equal Paying Rights

I am a feminist. I believe a woman should be paid the same amount of money as a man does, for the same job. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses and gender should not be a discriminating factor. For a woman is way harder to have a career, a familybe rich and be happy, because our society still doesn’t want to accept that a woman is more than just a ‘baby factory’ and a ‘housekeeper’. We have high dreams and ambitions and this doesn’t make us less feminine.

If you feel inspired, join me and let’s change the world!

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My Sincerest Support Goes to These Organizations

Because “Clean water means health, income and education – especially for women and kids.” Maybe we desire the new iPhone, when someone across the world, just wants clean water to drink. I love their website, their transparency and my goal is to help them build a well.

Jamie passionately believes that by educating children about food in a fun and engaging way” they will have the basic skills needed in order to live healthier, happier lives. I totally agree with it, this is why I became a Jamie Oliver Ambassador.

Because I support the right to education. Everything starts with a white paper and a pencil, but first, you must know how to write, in order to write your destiny. My goal is to help them build a school.

With every purchase you help these charities!

Get involved and together we can change the world!

Over the years, I’ve tested lots of self-development exercises and most of them helped me live a happier and more successful life. However, I’ve only included in this diary those few exercises that played the most important role in my life and in the life of others so you can get great results without having to spend that much time researching.

Each of the exercises that you find in the diary has a great power of improving certain areas of your life, but together they have the power of changing your whole life if you do them regularly!

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