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 Easy and fun with this free lifestyle diary that will help you stay focused on your goals, grateful for your accomplishments and on top of your schedule.

We live busy lives, always running from one place to another, trying toaccomplish other people’s goals and that is leaving us drained of all energy and joy. We don’t have time for working on our own self: beliefs, values and dreams. With this simple and very practical diary, you will be able to remember to do something for yourself – every day!


All the information you need to take control of your LIFESTYLE!


Living with a purpose should be the norm! Everyone should do what they love, make money and help others!

2711, 2016

Why New Year’s Eve Resolutions Don’t Work – #AskYourCoach

Welcome back to #AskYourCoach - Why New Year's Eve Resolutions Don't Work. It’s me again, Roswitha - your coach at wellfitsyou.com the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! *** Me: How was your year? Are your 2016 resolutions coming to life? Client: Ohhh, yeah, well ... I did [...]

911, 2016

How To Overcome Obstacles – #AskYourCoach

Welcome back to #AskYourCoach - Why Do We Get Obstacles In Our Way & How Do We Overcome Obstacles? It’s me again, Roswitha - your health coach at wellfitsyou.com the place where women are happy, healthy, wealthy and fulfilled! Why is this happening to me? What am I doing wrong? ... [...]

106, 2016

Get Clarity Through Action – Interview With Julia Wells

If you thought that clarity comes ONLY through writing, meditating, you might change your mind! Get clarity through action!

2303, 2016

How To Release Fear – Interview With Olga Bochareva

This week I interviewed Olga Bochareva in order to find out more about how to release fear. She is all about tapping or EFT. You will love how easy it is!

1803, 2016

Natural Birth Control Myths – Interview With Hannah Ransom

How many natural birth control myths do you know? Let's talk business with Hannah Ransom, a fertility awareness educator!

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I’m a coach and author for millennial women who want to redefine what SUCCESS means (hint => being happy, healthy, wealthy & fulfilled) and live a BALANCED life.

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